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I’ve been a lazy blogger.

January 23, 2010

rainbow over the mango tree

I’m still here in Kauai.  Trying my best to live frugally and have a great time while I do.  I’m going to garage sales every Saturday but I need very little now as I have our home pretty well stocked.

frayed banana-leaf sunset

We really enjoy our deck out back that gives us a view of the mountains and the sea, but plants make it even better.  I search the garage sales now for containers for our on deck garden.  We love having flowers and plants all around.  Inside I have water-filled bottles along a shelf by the ceiling with vines cascading down and a varying assortment of ever changing cut flower arrangements.

vines cascade wall

cut flowers, bougainvillea and red ti leaves

On the deck we’ve made a nice dish garden with rose flowered impatients and polka-dot plants.  Some snake plants, the coconut palm, variegated arrowheads, vinca, deep red lettuce and a tomato plant round out our deck garden now, but Chris wants more flowers.

chris' vinca

dish garden

variegated arrowheads

The deck is also a great place for bird watching.  The white cattle egrets and red junglefowl make a strong presence.  Red crested cardinals, zebra doves, and the white-rumped shama frequent our deck side trees and delight us daily with cooing and song.

red crested cardinal

red junglefowl, kauai rooster

morning from the deck looking to Poipu

morning from our deck

promise of a new day

waking up to wonderful

I can’t help but to share my pictures from my favorite time of my day.


Whale Watching Both Free and Exciting, Where to View Whales in Kauai

January 14, 2010

We’ve been whale watching over the past several days.  They have finally arrived in our area of Kauai.  We love it.  We parked above Glass Beach by the shearwater release site to view them with sundaes from Mickey D’s.  A grand excursion that only costs 2 bucks for 2.    Life is good.  This is the first time in my life I have ever seen whales.

Sunrise in Kalaheo

I’m loving it.  No good whale pictures yet I was too absorbed with just taking in the sight of them.  We’ve come across several pods of humpbacks.  I can watch them for hours.  The first thing that is visible is the large spout from where they breathe.  I find if I keep watching after they spout,  many times they  breach the water.  What a sight to behold.  We also went on a hike west of the Salt Pond County Park along the coast and found other great whale watching opportunities.  Hiking about one mile brought us to a high elevation rocky coast where the whales were well visualized, but I was without camera.  This area was beautiful and private,  perfect for an afternoon of whale observation.  Hopefully photographs of whales are soon to come.  Maybe next time I’ll bring my camera.

Another of my photos was featured in the Garden Island News on January 12th 2010, I feel very privileged.

I’ve been working on my garden here in Kalaheo.  I’m thinking having a garden is going to save a great deal of money by decreasing the amount of produce I have to purchase.

our new garden, just planted

I am currently harvesting tomatoes, avocados, grapefruit, key lime, oranges, figs and Hawaiian hot peppers.

Bowl of grapefruit harvested, cleaned chilled and ready to nourish and refresh.

Soon the lettuce, arugula and papaya will be ready.  I can’t wait.

marauder caught on night time camera

lettuce seedlings going in tomorrow, expecting lettuce in 2 weeks, hooray

Whales are a Kauai must see.

On the Outside Looking In…….Rene makes local headlines

January 9, 2010

Today I had the honor of having one of my photos printed in the local newspaper, The Garden Island News.  On the coaxing of my favorite Kauaian  friend I submitted the images that she selected, and voila.   3 days later I’m featured in the paper.

On the Outside Looking In....Rene makes the news....

I also have high hopes of being honored again as I received the following email:

LIH Copy Desk <> to rene halligan <>
Jan 7

Aloha, Rene! Thank you for the submission of photos. Your images are beautiful. We are planning to use the cattle egret in tomorrow’s paper (Friday, Jan. 8 edition). I forwarded your e-mail to the editor (Nathan Eagle) so more may be used in the future, as space allows. Mahalo for sharing your art with our readers … and please thank your friend, too, for encouraging you to send them in!

Thanks again,
Viviane Stein

beautiful giant begonias, so big like none I've ever seen before

Mahalo, Connie and Viviane …..I am honored.

Odd Brown Kukuiolono Golf Course

Clouds Over Kalaheo

Welcome New Year 2010…a collection of photos and light commentary

January 5, 2010

welcome new year.....another great sunrise.....I wake up every morning to see the sunrise, brew some coffee and try to get a photograph of the wild pigs. I'm just not quick enough with the camera. No wild pig pictures yet.......

Camp-out Hawaiian style. I found this under a cliff facing the Pacific Ocean while hiking along the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail. Prime Hawaiian real estate, ocean-front, great view and privacy. The frugal travelers lodging delight.

rose petals...cliff side coast by Poipu. I don't know why the rose petals were there. I liked their contrast with the rugged background.

So hazy I could barely see the water. Could this be vog?

Petroglyph, found in the limestone on the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail. Is it really ancient, or was I scammed.

i love early morning

Doves perch in a dead tree in Kalaheo.

Exposed reef below the cliffs east of shipwreck beach. I stood at the edge of a cliff to get this photograph. It was beautiful the picture doesn't do it justice.

Bird on the deck railing from my window.

Sunlight thought the palms at Shipwreck Beach, Poipu.

This is sunrise January 4th, but each and everyone is spectacular.

This was the 2010 New Years Eve blue moon observed from Kalaheo, under the influence of margaritas.

Trio of shore birds at Barking Sands.

Plumeria, the floral inspiration for leis.

People all around Kauai always seem so happy. She strolls the beach singing and strumming the ukulele.