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We ran out of Avocados, and Superbowl Sunday is tomorrow.

February 6, 2010

So sad.  What is Superbowl Sunday without guacamole.  I guess we’ll do as the locals do and have ahi poke.  There is hope in sight for future avocado as the trees are in bloom and getting ready to set their luscious buttery fruit.

The avocado trees are robust with flowers.

I say hooray, for the next crop of future guacamole.

Our deck is visited frequently by bright green anoles.  I think this little guy is just as cute as the Geico Gecko.

Holy anole.

We have no guacamole but we do have green anole.

Bright green anole on the deck in Kalaheo.

Does this anole wonder who will triumph, the Colts or the Saints. I think he's just looking for dinner.


I’ve been a lazy blogger.

January 23, 2010

rainbow over the mango tree

I’m still here in Kauai.  Trying my best to live frugally and have a great time while I do.  I’m going to garage sales every Saturday but I need very little now as I have our home pretty well stocked.

frayed banana-leaf sunset

We really enjoy our deck out back that gives us a view of the mountains and the sea, but plants make it even better.  I search the garage sales now for containers for our on deck garden.  We love having flowers and plants all around.  Inside I have water-filled bottles along a shelf by the ceiling with vines cascading down and a varying assortment of ever changing cut flower arrangements.

vines cascade wall

cut flowers, bougainvillea and red ti leaves

On the deck we’ve made a nice dish garden with rose flowered impatients and polka-dot plants.  Some snake plants, the coconut palm, variegated arrowheads, vinca, deep red lettuce and a tomato plant round out our deck garden now, but Chris wants more flowers.

chris' vinca

dish garden

variegated arrowheads

The deck is also a great place for bird watching.  The white cattle egrets and red junglefowl make a strong presence.  Red crested cardinals, zebra doves, and the white-rumped shama frequent our deck side trees and delight us daily with cooing and song.

red crested cardinal

red junglefowl, kauai rooster

morning from the deck looking to Poipu

morning from our deck

promise of a new day

waking up to wonderful

I can’t help but to share my pictures from my favorite time of my day.

beautiful things in our backyard

November 14, 2009

Lots of beautiful things live in our backyard, and I keep finding more flowers, fruits, moss, ferns, mushrooms, bamboo, chickens, a blue eyed cat, geckos and dreaded mosquitoes. It’s not a really big yard, maybe half an acre, but it’s jammed full of growing things and it backs up to a hillside that is just like a jungle. We walk on a boardwalk through a jungle garden and past the koi pond to get to our door. Our place is really small, but I love its location and its back yard, so quiet except for the crowing rooster, calling geckos, singing birds, rustling palms and clacking bamboo.

color in our back yard

color in our backyard







white flower

white flower