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Planning my next frugal travel….and I’m looking for volunteers

July 7, 2010

Ever dream about taking a tropical vacation for months on end?  Well it’s entirely possible and affordable.  I’m working on my plan for another excursion to Kauai and possibly one of the other gorgeous Hawaiian islands for the next winter season.  I love my home in the mainland north country but winters are long and cold.  For this reason I have been a “snowbird” or winter visitor to warm and lush places since 1995.  You don’t have to be retired to do this and you don’t need to be rich.  You just need to be creative and develop a plan.  During my last visit to Kauai I met many people who paid thousands of dollars for weekly rentals for a vacation much too short.  Honestly, I felt sorry for them, because they could have had and extended adventure for about the same price as it would have cost them to stay at home.  Fact: my entire stay on Kauai for 6 months cost less than $10,000 and that included both the rental housing and a car.

I am now at the stage of formulating my plan for the next winter season.

Are there any other couples out there looking for a frugal winter adventure?

Now is your chance.

Last season I found it easy to rent affordable housing in Kauai with a 6 month lease.  Home owners are happy to rent their homes rather than leave them vacant during these tough economical times and the unsure climate of vacation rentals.  As I visited all around the island you could see that many vacation condos were at less than 50 percent occupancy.  Tough times for all who invested but bonus time for the frugal traveler.   Just search the many ads on Craigslist and vacation rental sites to see exactly what I mean.

My plan: Find like-minded travelers who are willing to sign a six month lease with me on an accommodation.  I’ll take the first 3 months and they’ll take the next 3 months.  We would each split the security deposit and each pay our 3 month rent up front to the realtor.  I will be purchasing an inexpensive car on arrival and would pass it on for what ever I paid to the next lucky traveler.

I might also like to do the same plan on another one of the islands if anyone is interested in staying on, say, the Big Island for the first 3 months and then we would swap for the next 3 months.

I really enjoy my privacy so there would be no staying together with strangers.

Please anyone who may be interested in this read my blog to see what I’m all about and contact me.

Aloha, Rene


On the Outside Looking In…….Rene makes local headlines

January 9, 2010

Today I had the honor of having one of my photos printed in the local newspaper, The Garden Island News.  On the coaxing of my favorite Kauaian  friend I submitted the images that she selected, and voila.   3 days later I’m featured in the paper.

On the Outside Looking In....Rene makes the news....

I also have high hopes of being honored again as I received the following email:

LIH Copy Desk <> to rene halligan <>
Jan 7

Aloha, Rene! Thank you for the submission of photos. Your images are beautiful. We are planning to use the cattle egret in tomorrow’s paper (Friday, Jan. 8 edition). I forwarded your e-mail to the editor (Nathan Eagle) so more may be used in the future, as space allows. Mahalo for sharing your art with our readers … and please thank your friend, too, for encouraging you to send them in!

Thanks again,
Viviane Stein

beautiful giant begonias, so big like none I've ever seen before

Mahalo, Connie and Viviane …..I am honored.

Odd Brown Kukuiolono Golf Course

Clouds Over Kalaheo

Working on the Short Game for Small Change

December 3, 2009

What is in this wave????? Maybe I don't want to know.

Over days past we whiled away many wonderful hours playing, swimming, and reading on the beach.  I tried some new fishing techniques without too much success and we had another great round at Wailua Muni Golf.  It was great, we played as a twosome, but I found myself going a bit over budget.  I needed to make some changes in our spending.   I found a solution.

Pink water lilies at Wailua Municipal Gof Course

Today we went to Kukuiolono Golf Course, but we didn’t play a round of golf.  We got a bucket of balls, a pretty large bucket at that for $2.00.  We took the balls to the practice putting green, this activity is always free.  We were able to chip and putt for near an hour having fun, getting our golf fix and sharpening our skills.  We both took our turns with chips and putts making a game of it to see who would get closer to the hole.   After we had our fill of chip and putt if was off to the driving range with our balls.  This driving range has a great view of the Pacific Ocean from Poipu west to beyond Hanapepe and the Salt Pond.  Today the ocean was almost dead calm, the sea flat and the air so clear we could see 3 other islands that we never saw before.  We practiced our drives  aiming for the endless Pacific blue.   Two dollar activity in paradise for a twosome, how can you beat that.

next day view of driving range, on the clear day....i didn't bring the camera

Kukuiolono Golf Course, a dollar a hole

November 8, 2009

Nine dollars for golf in Hawaii! Golf all day if you want! The Kukuiolono Golf Course in Kauai may be the best bargain in Hawaii. A 9 hole regulation length course that operates on a first come first serve basis, no tee times, so golf whenever you feel like it. On my last 2 visits, there was no wait. It’s pretty good golf: scenic ocean views and mountain vistas in all directions, a pleasant course, nice greens, trade winds coming into play on most every hole. The fairways are firm, giving your ball a great run. Driving downhill, with the strong wind behind you, the length of your drive can rival Tiger here. A great warm-up for the pricier and more famous championship courses found all over Kauai. Lots of chickens, no dress code to the point of shoeless and shirtlessness, but what a deal.


firm fairway, the driven ball has a long ride

firm fairway, the driven ball has a long ride

ocean views between the pines

ocean views between the pines

island golf

island golf