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Welcome New Year 2010…a collection of photos and light commentary

January 5, 2010

welcome new year.....another great sunrise.....I wake up every morning to see the sunrise, brew some coffee and try to get a photograph of the wild pigs. I'm just not quick enough with the camera. No wild pig pictures yet.......

Camp-out Hawaiian style. I found this under a cliff facing the Pacific Ocean while hiking along the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail. Prime Hawaiian real estate, ocean-front, great view and privacy. The frugal travelers lodging delight.

rose petals...cliff side coast by Poipu. I don't know why the rose petals were there. I liked their contrast with the rugged background.

So hazy I could barely see the water. Could this be vog?

Petroglyph, found in the limestone on the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail. Is it really ancient, or was I scammed.

i love early morning

Doves perch in a dead tree in Kalaheo.

Exposed reef below the cliffs east of shipwreck beach. I stood at the edge of a cliff to get this photograph. It was beautiful the picture doesn't do it justice.

Bird on the deck railing from my window.

Sunlight thought the palms at Shipwreck Beach, Poipu.

This is sunrise January 4th, but each and everyone is spectacular.

This was the 2010 New Years Eve blue moon observed from Kalaheo, under the influence of margaritas.

Trio of shore birds at Barking Sands.

Plumeria, the floral inspiration for leis.

People all around Kauai always seem so happy. She strolls the beach singing and strumming the ukulele.