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Kauai Snorkel Delight

December 4, 2009

Underwater photo of honu or green turtle, so close

Witness underwater majesty, snorkeling here in Kauai is pure delight.  The water temperature is an always perfect 78 to 80 degrees.  Amazingly clear water abounds, except for wave turbulence causing tiny bubbles and whirling sand,  The best snorkel time is sunny early morning, when the sea is calm.

fish seen snorkeling at Poipu

I’m using my new ten-dollar underwater camera, almost daily.  Careful not to waste my shots, as I have to buy film and pay for developing.  Wal-Mart  in Lihue was used for processing.   A week later, in this digital age of  immediate gratification I picked up my less than perfect results.  Disappointed with their quality, but happy that at least I can document just a bit of my experience.  I believe if I buy the more expensive higher speed film it may make a difference in the low light picture quality.  I’ll try it next roll.

some big fish in Poipu

The best snorkeling by far has been in Poipu.  The public beach and snorkeling areas are well-marked and we had no problem parking.  Poipu is very touristy, not the kind of place I usually hang out, but I love to snorkel with the turtles and the monk seals like to stop there too for a rest on the beach.

such a pretty face

We brought our own snorkel gear purchased from the clearance rack at Kmart in Sidney, NY.  both setups for under $10.00.  But we could have just bought some here.  Inexpensive gear is found all over, Kmart, Wal-Mart and even in the grocery stores.  The best buy would have to be garage sales, lots of good quality gear and especially fins, mostly for just a buck.

it's like he's flying underwater

I’ve found the best viewing of turtles to be in the very shallow water, only about 1-2 feet deep  It’s amazing all of the abundant life you encounter in the shallows.

fluttering fish, yellow, black and white

When the water is a little rough, I can put on quite a  show trying to get into the water and get my fins on while being bounced along the rocks, fins in the air, tumbling  in the surf, desperately hanging onto my gear.  A most graceful sight indeed.

so many fish


Snorkeling with Honu and Spouting Horn

October 27, 2009

Such a busy day! Starting out in Poipu doing the snorkel thing we saw an incredible number and variety of fish. It’s amazing to just hover over the masses of colorful fish, bathed in the warm Pacific, sun streaming through the translucent green blue waves.

Today the ocean was filled with Hawaii’s green sea turtles, Honu (pronounced hoe-new), named for the color of their body fat, which is green from the algae they eat. Primarily herbivorous, they feed on the rich algae beds along the rocks in the surf, making easy viewing for the snorkeler. If budget allows, I’d love to have an underwater camera. When travelling on a shoestring one must make sacrifices. For now I’ll have to be satisfied with memories of their magnificence.

After our adventure in Poipu, we headed west to the Spouting Horn. Here, the ocean waves crash onto a volcanic shelf and spouting occurs as water rushes into a lava tube and bursts through a small opening at the surface.

There’s such an abundance to do here on Kaua’i for free. No charge for parking, beaches, or day use at county and state parks. All you need do is show up to take advantage of the wonder that is Kaua’i.



after chris' bath

Chris at sunset

$3 flowers from roadside honor market

$3 flowers from roadside honor market

crater remnants wiamea canyon

crater remnants at Waimea Canyon

kauai southern shore

Kaua'i's south shore

kauai surf nestled in the pines, south shore

nestled in the pines