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Check Out This Great Golf Deal….. Wow!

June 1, 2012

June 4th thru the 8th
 1st round – $32 +tax, includes Hot Dog Lunch
  2nd replay round same day – $20 + tax14 hour days are here….Sunset 8:40; plenty of time for 36 holes

This offer is good for any time Monday June 4th through Friday June 8th

Must print and present this offer at time of checkin.
Offer good for up to 8 golfers.

World Woods Golf Club has a new Facebook page. We will be uploading all of our Golf In The Woods TV shows over the next few months. Pro’s lessons and how to play each hole on the Barrens and the Oaks. To start, we put the first two shows Pine Barrens 1 and 2 Like us here….
 World Woods Facebook

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Rain doesn’t dampen my spirit, it makes the garden grow.

March 7, 2010

Today was semi-dry,

Rain glistens on a sidewalk stained with red dirt in Kauai.

different from the previous several windy wet days that kept us away from the beach but not off the golf course.  We find the 30 mph gusts and soaking rain a special kind of golf challenge, our goal is fun so rain or shine we can’t stay away.

The rainbow, a Hawaiian gift between the raindrops.

Still rainy early this morning, I slept-in a while and was out to the garage sales late.  There were still a few good finds, a round platter for 25 cents, a nice white plate for a dime, and a dehydrator for $5.00.  I bought the dehydrator as I’m anticipating  abundance from the garden and I know my daughter will like it when she gets here.

The first luscious mango of the season, delightfully sweet, juicy, and delicious

The rain really made the garden explode.  Today  I harvested some tomatoes, red sails and oak leaf lettuce, and daikon radish.

Fresh salad everyday, oak leaf and red sails lettuce.

The daikon radish is delicious grated, with a drizzle of soy sauce.  It gives quite a kick to a bowl of noodles or rice.  Daikon have tasty, nutritious leaves, that can be prepared as any other greens,  I like them stir-fried or chopped in a noodle soup like Saimin.

Daikon fresh from my Kalaheo garden.

Saimin (sigh-min) is the uniquely Hawaiian version of Japanese ramen and Chinese mein,  chewy fresh egg noodles in a light clear broth with a mind-boggling variety of toppings reflecting saimin’s plantation origins.  I love trying all kinds of topping and flavors.  Maybe next I’ll try making  kiriboshi daikon, (shredded and dried daikon)  or maybe sundried tomatoes or when the next figs ripen, chewy dried figs. Yummy.

Our first tomatoes, small but wonderful. Hopefully many more to come.

Moving on Up

December 11, 2009

We're Moving On Up

Before arriving on Kauai I found our first housing arrangement on Craigslist.  It was a simple process.  I posted an ad of what I was looking for, people responded.  I googled their names and their locations.  Made contacts, saw pictures and made a decision.  The day I arrived here my accommodations were ready at Aloha Estates at Kalaheo Plantation.  We rented from James Hargraves, stained glass artist, inn keeper, and ukulele player.  The dwelling is a 1920’s plantation house, architecturally charming, and seemingly well planned to take advantage of the local trade winds.  Our room was pitched to us as a studio but in reality is more of a room with a kitchenette in a closet, with a full bath, plenty of hot water, and no kitchen sink.  Requiring washing dishes in the bathroom and cooking with a rice cooker and hot plate.  We shared a small screen lanai with our neighbors, that had a small glass top table and chairs.

We spent most of our time out and about so the size of our rental was not a great factor for the 2 months we’ve been here.  When I made the rental agreement, I fully expected to stay here for 6 months, but I did make a month to month stipulation with the landlord in case either of us were not completely satisfied with the arrangement.  During our time here we did all of our living in the king sized bed, it was dining room, home theater and recreation area.

Home Sweet Home

Now it’s time to move on.  James was a wonderful host, our neighbors were quiet and friendly.  We were comfortable enough  and the price was great.  We love the location.  I think Kalaheo is the best place to stay on the entire island,  less rain than the north and east, close safe beaches , close golf, and midway between the resorts of the north shore and the canyons of Waimea.   Close to the art in Hanapepe, snorkeling, fancy golf and coastal hiking in Poipu, and the quaint charms of Koloa.  Oh and I forgot to mention tsunami safe.  James has rooms and apartments of many sizes available.  I highly recommend this place for frugal travel.  Please check out this trip advisor link for my review:

The Plantation House at Aloha Estates

If anyone has further questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

More pictures of the yard, fruit and flowers can be found throughout my blog.

Working on the Short Game for Small Change

December 3, 2009

What is in this wave????? Maybe I don't want to know.

Over days past we whiled away many wonderful hours playing, swimming, and reading on the beach.  I tried some new fishing techniques without too much success and we had another great round at Wailua Muni Golf.  It was great, we played as a twosome, but I found myself going a bit over budget.  I needed to make some changes in our spending.   I found a solution.

Pink water lilies at Wailua Municipal Gof Course

Today we went to Kukuiolono Golf Course, but we didn’t play a round of golf.  We got a bucket of balls, a pretty large bucket at that for $2.00.  We took the balls to the practice putting green, this activity is always free.  We were able to chip and putt for near an hour having fun, getting our golf fix and sharpening our skills.  We both took our turns with chips and putts making a game of it to see who would get closer to the hole.   After we had our fill of chip and putt if was off to the driving range with our balls.  This driving range has a great view of the Pacific Ocean from Poipu west to beyond Hanapepe and the Salt Pond.  Today the ocean was almost dead calm, the sea flat and the air so clear we could see 3 other islands that we never saw before.  We practiced our drives  aiming for the endless Pacific blue.   Two dollar activity in paradise for a twosome, how can you beat that.

next day view of driving range, on the clear day....i didn't bring the camera

Poipu Bay Golf Course, Where Champions Play

November 25, 2009

first glimpse of Poipu Bay Golf Course

I feel so privileged to have had the great opportunity to play golf at one of the nations premier golf destinations, home of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf 1994-2006.  Thanks to a wonderful birthday gift,  I had this pleasure, one extravagance I would never afford myself.  This was dream golf.  When compared to my usual choices for frugal golf.

lush fairways and beautiful scenery

The warm up area was the best I had ever seen.  All the range balls you wanted were included and they were good balls too.  We practiced up plenty because I really wanted to play well here.   The driving range even included sand traps, so you could practice your strategy of avoidance.   Some practice putting on fast smooth greens was all of the preparation I needed, and then off to our round.  We were able to play as a twosome.  I love that.

golf in the shadow of giants

The fairways were plump.  Drives had a really long run with the help of the wind and could roll even further on the carpet-like fairway grass.  The fairway held the ball perched up, like on a tee.  I had my best second shots ever with my 5 wood on this turf.

golf course serenity

This course was gorgeous and serene.  The pace was just right, we never felt pushed or hurried.  The drink cart attendant was ever present.  I was pleased with my performance as with numerous traps and hazards I only found myself in the sand once, and had a great out with a little bounce near the pin.

four palms tell wind direction

We loved the wind.  We loved the views.

Poipu Bay, most beautiful golf course I have ever seen

My score did not reflect the generally good game I played,  hitting the ball straight, staying in the fairway and out of the traps,  good chips onto the green and putting true to the read.   That could be because I dropped 3 balls into the water on just one hole.  So be it.  This was a wonderfully satisfying golf outing .  Thank you, Chris.

breathtaking views

view of the pacific from the golf course

Wailua Municipal Golf Course & Lydgate Beach Park

November 11, 2009

Today we golfed at Wailua Municipal Golf Course. With its beautiful seaside layout, anytime you can’t see the ocean, you still hear waves crashing.  This is a municipal golf course, so it’s less expensive than the more elaborate championship courses. The total cost for our 18 hole on this fine course was $48.00 for 2 with a cart.  I loved it, the fairways were wonderful, like perfect green carpet with a sponge-like recoil.  The greens here were hard to judge, but after you play here a few times, their nuances become familiar.  Our 18 holes in the hot sun complete, we headed right next door to Lydgate Beach Park, where we enjoyed a beach-side picnic with a cooler of lunch and cold drinks, and a cool dip in the ocean.  Combining a golf day with the fine picnic grounds, and excellent protected swimming area.  Refreshed and replenished, we found firm sand at water’s edge, perfect for a long walk along the beach.

a peek of the pacific, at wailua golf course

a peek of the pacific, at Wailua Golf Course

coffee plantation

coffee plantation



waiting for whales

waiting for whales

Kukuiolono Golf Course, a dollar a hole

November 8, 2009

Nine dollars for golf in Hawaii! Golf all day if you want! The Kukuiolono Golf Course in Kauai may be the best bargain in Hawaii. A 9 hole regulation length course that operates on a first come first serve basis, no tee times, so golf whenever you feel like it. On my last 2 visits, there was no wait. It’s pretty good golf: scenic ocean views and mountain vistas in all directions, a pleasant course, nice greens, trade winds coming into play on most every hole. The fairways are firm, giving your ball a great run. Driving downhill, with the strong wind behind you, the length of your drive can rival Tiger here. A great warm-up for the pricier and more famous championship courses found all over Kauai. Lots of chickens, no dress code to the point of shoeless and shirtlessness, but what a deal.


firm fairway, the driven ball has a long ride

firm fairway, the driven ball has a long ride

ocean views between the pines

ocean views between the pines

island golf

island golf