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Let’s Speak Hawaiian

November 20, 2009

udoes anyone know what kind of fish this is?

does anyone know what kind of fish this is?

Fish ID……….from my friend via email………”Just wanted to tell you that the fish on your blog is called a “papio.” My fish expert friend Bernal  who grew up on Kauai tells me that you salt and pepper it and fry it. Very tasty. It is a baby actually. I think when the papio grows big, it is called an “ulua.”  Jerry says he thinks it is a jackfish in English.  Years ago, Bernal and Jerry went out at night to fish. Jerry caught a fish and Bernal filleted it right on the beach for the freshest sashimi ever.”   mahalo to Connie


Aloha……………………Hello or Good-bye…”aloha” is a greeting or it could mean “goodbye.”  It can also mean “love.”


More Hawaiian lessons from my island friend…… “Makai” means on the ocean side and “mauka” is toward the mountain side. When people give directions, they use those terms to indicate if something like a store is on the ocean or mountain side of the highway. Oh, another important one is “kapu” which means to keep out or forbidden. You might see signs on Kauai that say “kapu” so don’t enter that property.



November 15, 2009

Poke (pronounced POH-kay) is the Hawaiian version of Japanese sashimi (combining the Hawaiian and Japanese taste for raw fish). In Hawaiian, poke means “cut piece” or “small piece.” It’s bite-size pieces of raw fish doused in seasonings. The fish for poke is served raw or sometimes lightly seared or fried. I like poke and it’s an adventure to try all the different kinds. Pictured is ahi poke, or yellow fin tuna.

seaside sushi and poke

seaside sushi and poke