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Check Out This Great Golf Deal….. Wow!

June 1, 2012

June 4th thru the 8th
 1st round – $32 +tax, includes Hot Dog Lunch
  2nd replay round same day – $20 + tax14 hour days are here….Sunset 8:40; plenty of time for 36 holes

This offer is good for any time Monday June 4th through Friday June 8th

Must print and present this offer at time of checkin.
Offer good for up to 8 golfers.

World Woods Golf Club has a new Facebook page. We will be uploading all of our Golf In The Woods TV shows over the next few months. Pro’s lessons and how to play each hole on the Barrens and the Oaks. To start, we put the first two shows Pine Barrens 1 and 2 Like us here….
 World Woods Facebook

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Learning to Accept Aloha

December 15, 2009

In the almost 2 months that I have spent here in Kauai I’ve heard a lot of talk on television, radio and printed advertising regarding, the aloha spirit and living aloha.  It is supposedly a way of life practiced by the local people.  In the Hawaiian language, aloha, means  affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy.  As well as the common use of hello and goodbye.

Living Aloha for Christmas

This spirit has surrounded me in almost every interaction with the people here.  Most friendly and smiling.  No one seems in a great hurry.  I experience patience on congested roadways, no horns honking, no aggressive driving, people are obliging to let others pull into traffic.  During the purchase of the Acura, the seller became my friend, so honest and accommodating.  She exudes this spirit of aloha, and she is still operating as my Hawaiian guardian angel.

Living Aloha

Yesterday was a very fortunate day for me.  The Acura’s alternator stopped charging our battery and left us stranded at the Salt Pond.  We lifted the hood, assessed the situation and then I walked toward some people on the beach and asked if anyone had jumper cables.  A young woman with 2 small children turned to them and said, ” pack up your things kids we’re going to help these people get their car started”.  She packed them up, and drove to our car and pulled out the cables.  We were on our way in less than 10 minutes.  We tried to give her a few dollars in appreciation her kindness but she would not accept.  Mahalo,  Salt Pond angel.

aloha...surfs up

We were off and running,  just a few miles from home, with the battery discharging all the way.  It started to rain and there wasn’t even enough juice to raise the power windows or use the wipers without out stalling.    After a few moments of stress but we could see the Kalaheo traffic light ahead.  Just then, the car died.  It was raining lightly.   Chris and I jumped out and pushed the car off of the road way.   There was a small safe area to place it,  a little miracle because there are no shoulders to speak of on this highway.  Then to our great surprise the person behind us pulled up to help, he was a nice young man in a dark colored truck.  He attached a tow rope and pulled us to a repair station just up ahead.  I couldn’t express my gratitude enough.  He too would not accept any money for his kindness.  I guess it’s a New York thing thinking it is necessary to give anyone who helps you a few dollars.

These kind people saved us so much money and time, a mere thank you didn’t seem quite enough to show our appreciation.

Our next encounter was with the mechanic at the Shell station.  He immediately assessed our car.  His partner called about the part we needed.  The part would be flown in from Honolulu and we were just a little stroll from home base.

A wonderful day.   Living Aloha……..

No car until Wednesday….for me , it’s like I have no legs…..but I’m still smiling and I’m grateful.

Up date::::A new alternator was found in Lihue, so I got my legs back a day early….hooray!!!  I’d highly recommend The Shell Station Auto Repair, Kalaheo for prompt and expert service.  I would not recommend the Sears auto service center that took my money and told me there was nothing wrong with my alternator, and sent me out on the road in danger of breaking down.