Who says golf in Hawaii is too expensive.

If you are travelling to Kauai and you enjoy a round of golf, please make sure you play while your here because the Hawaiian golf experience is exceptional and affordable.  I have never experienced views quite like these at any golf course outside of Hawaii.


views at kukuiolono


If you are planning and extended stay in Kauai.  Then membership has it’s privileges at Kukuiolono Golf Course.  This course is always a bargain but if your staying here long enough to play golf more than 18 times.  Membership at $160.00 entitles you to unlimited golf for a year.  January 1st thru December 31st.


taking it all in after the sixth hole


We arrived in October, bought a membership, and we are already enjoying free golf.  Life is good.  Now Kukuiolono is a bargain even if you pay full price at $9.00 per day for unlimited walking golf but the membership makes it the ultimate bargain.  Practice makes perfect and we are honing our golf skills on a daily basis.  Chris is consistently playing in the 80’s and I am pleased to bogeying most rounds.


approach to the 8th hole par 3


To use a cart at Kukuiolono the  charge is $9.00 f0r 9 holes.  Right now the fairways are lush and greens flush and fast.  Frequent rains have made natural improvements here.


sparkling waters at kukuiolono


If you didn’t bring clubs, the course has mixed matched inexpensive rental clubs or you can buy inexpensive clubs of similar quality at garage sales, on Craigslist or at the local thrift store.  The course only requires that you have a putter and a golf bag.  Chris and I carried our clubs on the plane, then purchased golf bags and pull carts at the thrift stores at a very modest cost.  We love to play and when we do it for free, we play every day.


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