The good old fashioned swimming hole, in Kauai

Twenty feet of rock rises up from a clear inviting pool, while water cascades over the rock to continually replenish it.  Tourists and locals alike enjoy this hidden treasure, that can be found by travelling a dead-end road toward the mountains and a 5 minute trail through high grass that runs along  Huleia Stream.

Please click and double click on photos for the best viewing,  Mahalo.

Tourist vie for the best photo ops.

Multiple rope swings of varying heights are tied to nearby trees and the brave leap from the rocks above into the pool. You can climb out of the water using tree roots or use the ladder placed for just this purpose.

Getting ready to take the rope.

The scene is reminiscent of an old-fashioned swimming hole, with people gathered and having fun.

Swimming at Kipu.

I like this spot for a picnic, dappled sunlight, refreshing water and local entertainment.  Who could ask for more.

There are many small falls at Kipu.

Rocks can be slippery, unseen objects can be below the water’s surface, rope swings and ladders deteriorate, rocks as well as water can come over the falls, common sense keeps your adventure safe and remember no diving.

More small waterfalls.

Take Highway 50 west from Lihue. One mile past Puhi, at Mile Marker #3, turn left on Kipu Road.  Park your car before the bridge and follow the trail on the left that runs along the stream.  Don’t  leave valuables in the car and carry out whatever you bring in.

The trail to kipu.

Flower along the trail to Kipu Falls.


This is one of the best things to do in Kauai.   Now I’m writing for Kauai tourism and not just for the frugal.


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