Wailua Municipal Golf Course & Lydgate Beach Park

Today we golfed at Wailua Municipal Golf Course. With its beautiful seaside layout, anytime you can’t see the ocean, you still hear waves crashing.  This is a municipal golf course, so it’s less expensive than the more elaborate championship courses. The total cost for our 18 hole on this fine course was $48.00 for 2 with a cart.  I loved it, the fairways were wonderful, like perfect green carpet with a sponge-like recoil.  The greens here were hard to judge, but after you play here a few times, their nuances become familiar.  Our 18 holes in the hot sun complete, we headed right next door to Lydgate Beach Park, where we enjoyed a beach-side picnic with a cooler of lunch and cold drinks, and a cool dip in the ocean.  Combining a golf day with the fine picnic grounds, and excellent protected swimming area.  Refreshed and replenished, we found firm sand at water’s edge, perfect for a long walk along the beach.

a peek of the pacific, at wailua golf course

a peek of the pacific, at Wailua Golf Course

coffee plantation

coffee plantation



waiting for whales

waiting for whales


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