We started of our adventure at Salt Pond County Park, close to home and easy to get to. I had noticed a small trail going up a hill and beyond from the parking lot, so in hiking boots instead of our regular flip flops, we went in and soon wondered if we should continue.

following a path from our favorite salt pond

the path less traveled

An empty creek bed, an overgrown cane field, and a red dirt road brought us to a field of magnificent cane, in rows over 12 feet high.

i went to a party down a red dirt road

the red dirt road

Inside the field was otherworldly, the sun trickled in, the sky was clear blue above and the stalks rustled loudly with each wind gust. Walking on, a more barren area, bulldozed with red dirt, spent cane, some junk and little vegetation.

heap of cast away cane

heap of cast away cane

Heading south toward the ocean, old car wreckage perched for an excellent view of crashing waves and rocky coast. These rocks along the coast have so many layers and textures, from centuries of lava flowing. Rough and pitted, smooth, round and cloud-like. You can imagine what it was like when the molten lava met with the sea. Just as we reached the water and began to explore the tidal pools, it rained and Chris found us a small cave where we waited out the storm. Soon we were exploring again and found an old prop with its whole drive shaft intact, from some old shipwreck. Tidal pools,  abundant with a variety of creatures, jagged, slippery rocks and crashing waves. This was a dangerous endeavor; Chris kept watch for giant waves while I explored and took photos. Rogue waves can sweep you away if you aren’t careful. It was well worth the effort to experience a place probably never seen by tourists.

the sea boils

the sea boils

tidal pool fish

tidal pool fish

tidal pool inhabitants

tidal pool inhabitants


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